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"The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." -Henry Miller At Organic Solutions Inc, we believe that the best way to give attention to every blade of grass is by using organic products. We have a fresh, healthy approach to creating stunning lawns. Synthetic lawn care products are detrimental to the natural balance of your lawn's soil. Our natural lawn care services feed your lawn nutrients and promote healthy microbial life in your soil. All of our fertilizer is custom made for your individual lawn Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn offers the best in organic lawn care in the Massapequa area as well as organic pesticides and mosquito treatment. While many lawn care companies may come and go, we have been serving the community since 2003. What sets us apart? We offer a full spectrum of organic products and services. An Organic Solutions lawn stands apart from the rest because of our proven approach to a healthy lawn and a healthy lifestyle. There is a new awareness about environmental issues and what we as citizens and homeowners might do to help make positive change in our own small way. We take the guess work out of symbiotic relationship between your yard and the environment. Your home is often your biggest investment. So much attention is spent on a home's interior, but your yard is equally as important when it comes to resale value. Routine maintenance today will save you costly tree replacements and purchases in the future. Let us develop a custom maintenance package for you that addresses any soil imbalances. Once you see our prices, you will realize that organic, natural treatments are cost effective. Reasons that you need to call Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn right away; look at your trees. Is there any obvious sign of growth this season? Are the leaves small and withered? Is your lawn stressed or brown? Our company has been a name people trust in this community for years. Put our years of experience to work for you. Our natural approach programs yield the same, if not better results as synthetically based packages. We would love the chance to prove it. We will honestly recommend what we feel will best serve your lawn, your trees and your property.. Best of all, our analysis will ensure the healthiest organic course of treatment. Our unique approach will bring back the vitality of your property as well as the biological aspects of your soil. Return the nutrients back into your lawn all the while knowing it is being done safely. A thick green lawn, healthy trees and shrubs and colorful flower beds all without worrying about harmful side effects for your family. With the help of Organic Solutions, each blade of grass will be what Henry Miller described as indescribably magnificent, in part due to our attention to detail and our scientific analysis.. Call us for a quote. Together, we can build vitality back into your lawn while preserving the Massapequa community.