Mosquito Control Massapequa NY

The barbecue grill is ready to go. The patio furniture is arranged and set. Baseball gloves and mitts sit still on the railing waiting for the kids. The flowers are in bloom. The guests are set to arrive. What are you still doing inside the house and on this beautiful evening? Hiding from mosquitoes! Biting insects are enough to ruin any back yard get together as soon as the sun begins to set it. No one likes to be covered in sticky sprays. Long sleeves are not an option in the summer heat. Insect bites are itchy and uncomfortable. There is good news. Rest assured, there is a solution. It's Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn organic pesticide! Our Perimeter Insect Control Program will help you, the homeowner take back the yard. Head out and enjoy your outdoor living space knowing that our program controls the mosquito population, black flies, ticks and fleas with organic pesticide. The mosquito and tick population is on the rise in most states. Both mosquito and ticks have the detrimental ability to carry and infect humans with diseases like West Nile Virus and Lyme disease. Dogs and cats suffer from heart worm when left outside and unprotected against the common mosquito. Protect your family and your outdoor living with our mosquito treatment and organic pest control program. Don't miss out on the happy memories the warmer summer months have to offer. Do you have a green thumb? Maybe you grow prize winning tomatoes for the local food bank or maybe your flower box herbs are the secret ingredient to your family recipe. Your secret ingredient and your edible plants are all safe. Evening gardening and after work harvesting will be free of bugs and free of harsh chemicals thanks to our uniquely organic, organic pest control program and mosquito treatment. Organic mosquito control means that while your perimeter is being managed against the annoying bug, the food at your barbecue won't be harmed. Children playing in the yard will not come in contact with harmful residues left by synthetic pest treatments. And then there are the good bugs, like honey bees and night-time helpers like bats.. Some bugs as well as animals help promote the healthy ecosystem of your lawn. This is thanks to their symbiotic relationship with the surrounding environment. They pollinate flowers as well as eat harmful insects. Bats, swooping high into the air eat thousands of insects each night that pesticides cannot reach. The good news is that our organic program, unlike like other landscape company pest control, does not conflict with the natural balance. As with all of our programs, give us a call and talk to us about your property and your insect control problem. Be sure to mention if you have a special event coming up. Then, let us visit you and analyze the situation and the surrounding area. Together, you and Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn will come up with a comprehensive plan that meets your lifestyle, your goals and your budget. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about any of our products and services. We look forward to working with you soon.