Organic Lawn Care Massapequa NY

While other landscape companies offer a la cart services with synthetic fertilizing and tree maintenance, the Organic Solutions Tree and Lawn way is to treat your lawn like the entire ecosystem that it is. We offer a complete review of your property. Then, we will set up an organic program custom tailored to balance out the problems in your lawn, trees and bushes. An example of a custom plan could include stress relief/recovery applications for your lawn and deep root fertilization for your trees. Organic lawn care is multidimensional. There are a plethora of options at our disposal. Be sure to address any concerns when you call us for a quote. If you have purchased a newly built home, your soil is likely poor due to the majority of its contents being fill dirt. Fill dirt is low in micro-organisms and often compacted. Like most new home owners, your dream is to landscape your yard where you, your friends, and your family can enjoy the great outdoors. Often, trees are the first planting. Unfortunately for the trees the poor soil conditions spell disaster for root development and growth. Sadly, the same poor soil conditions are in the root system of your lawn. Much like a doctor determining the illness of a patient let Organic Solutions Tree and Lawn test your soil. Before any planting, any landscaping and any plan can be made, if the soil has deficiencies nothing will grow. The samples we take of your soil are sent to our lab. Lab testing results give us a concise picture of your soil conditions and how to proceed. Soil testing and analysis is the keystone to rebuilding a positive ecosystem. The most effective way to develop a sustainable root system is to give your lawn a workable infrastructure through aeration. Organic Solutions Tree and Lawn uses aeration to return minerals back into your soil. Have you ever noticed how green and lush the rolling hills of a golf course can be? The secret of their success is in proper aeration.. Aeration allows water and light to penetrate the root system of your lawn. It works by using a machine that pulls tiny cores out of your grass and root system. With the soil open, thatch is reduced. A network is made allowing water light and our organic fertilizers to reach the roots. Once the deep root pathways are made by aeration, the work of our fertilizer begins. By creating a unique blend tailored to your lawn's needs, we can restore life back into your lawn. We also offer autumn Compost Tea Spray treatments. Five annual visits during the growing season are usually required to monitor your lawn's progress. Once your Organic Solutions Tree and Lawn individual program is in place, there is a peace of mind that will follow. Looking out over your healthy lawn, you will know that millions of microbes are living and thriving. Those microbes feed on the organic matter that, working as a team we have replaced in your soil. As aeration and nature increase the organic matter in your soil, the microbes and nutrients increase. The added nutrients, in return feed your lawn and a healthy, natural cyclic pattern begins to establish itself. We will be there to help to make adjustments, giving Mother Nature a little hand to continue to establish the ecological balance you can enjoy into the future. Healthy grass, due to organic lawn care, can defend itself against disease and drought. Families and pets can walk barefoot without worry. The best part of all is that you've moved forward ecologically, reducing reliance on harsh chemicals and big watering demands.