Tree & Shrub Fertilization Massapequa NY

Trees are one of our greatest assets. They combat carbon dioxide by taking it in and releasing oxygen. Trees provide shade for neighborhood streets as well as cities. They absorb pollutants in the air and filter air particles. Their shade helps homeowners reducing cooling costs and save up to 50% in energy costs. Real Estate markets, while they do fluctuate, often list trees as a property asset. Trees and shrubs can add up to 25% to the market value of your home. They also help conserve water by providing shade that slows water evaporation in lawns. They also prevent soil erosion and provide places of serenity. Totaling the value of trees, we at Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn would like to help preserve and maintain your trees and shrubs. We offer a deep root, organic fertilizing program to help new trees establish root systems and existing trees reach healthy maturity. Often, trees are planted along with newly constructed homes. During the final construction phase the lawn and common areas of neighborhoods are filled with dirt deprived of good micro-organisms. The ground becomes hard packed, making root development complicated even further. Trees and bushes wither against such odds. Their leaves are small and stunted, often falling prematurely. There is little growth made each year in the trunk or in the branches. Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn approach is to make tree and shrub growth a viable option. We make a custom tree and shrub fertilizer blend comprised of nutrients, organic matter and all growth enhancers that stimulate root development. Then, unlike other landscape companies who apply fertilizer topically, we inject our organic blend directly into the root system of your trees. In this way, nothing is wasted and everything goes directly into restoring the life of trees and shrubs. Direct injection into the root system means a faster turnaround in restoring the health of your trees. The results are very positive. As the root system recovers and grows, leaves are full and robust, blossoms develop and colors in the fall are enhanced. Sometimes, the "root of the problem" isn't the roots at all. Instead, insects and fungus can attack weak trees, resulting in their decline. We offer an organic spray program that rescues trees from harmful bugs and prevents their return in the following season. Saving your newly established trees now will save you hundreds of dollars as mature trees are very expensive to remove as well as replace. Our preventative maintenance plan is a huge benefit. Shrub and tree spring fertilization helps in the recovery after hibernating in the winter. Trees require additional feeding, improved soil conditions, root colonization and water. A summer application of organic fertilizer helps plants to continually endure the stress of high heat and mineral deficiencies. The Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn team return again in the fall to give a pre-winter application. Fall fertilization makes sure that plants have made a healthy come back from the stress of summer. Additionally, it feeds and prepares the tree for the dormant season and ensures the best chance at surviving a particularly brutal temperatures and winter weather. If your trees begin to exhibit signs of stress, give Organic Solutions Tree & Lawn a call. The quote and analysis are free. We are currently offering 50% off the first fertilizing application. We look forward to working with you to preserve your shrubs and trees organically.